Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhome
Roof  View of  Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhome
Motorhome Quiet Air Conditioner close-up
Inside bottom view of Quiet Air Conditioner for RVs
Inside RV view of Quiet AC Unit for motorhomes
Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhome Spec Sheet
Quiet AC unit for Motorhome drawing

Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhomes (Fully Installed by ARV $3,143)

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Please fill out this form and include photos of the RV roof before depositing so we can ensure the installation is possible. At this time, we're only selling the Quiet Air Conditioner for installation at ARV.


Our Quiet Motorhome Air Conditioner has excellent cooling and dehumidifying capability, even in demanding conditions like high outside temperatures and radiated sun. This unit is 20% more efficient and many times quieter than any other we have tested. It is even quieter than our ceiling ducted design.

The Quiet RV Air Conditioner is also better constructed with more compressor mount isolation; all metal, balanced fans; and an excellent design balance between compressor, evaporator, and condenser components. It is easy to operate, with AC, Dehumidify and Fan modes that match widely varying comfort needs. This unit can be retrofitted to Class A, B, B+, and C motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheels including Airsteam, Roadtrek, Pleasureway, Hymer, Leisure Travel, Winnebago, Prevost, and more.

Match your van's exterior color with an optional, custom color match for your Quiet Air Conditioner cover. Please provide your 4 digit custom color code on this form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to replace an AC with a wall-mounted thermostat (Dometic Penguin, etc.), please know that the heat function of your system will be rendered inoperative if you arrange for the installation yourself. If Advanced RV performs the installation we can look to maintain the heat function.


  • 13.5k BTU (cooling output equivalent to comparable 15k units)
  • Installed Weight: 106 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 115V/60Hz
  • Input Power for Cooling: 1550 W
  • Rated Current for Cooling: 14 A
  • Dimensions: 44 3/16" L x 33 1/2" W x 8 13/16" H


  • Type: Manufacturer
  • Length: 2 years 



Q: Can this fit on my (Class A, B, B+, C, Trailer, 5th wheel)?

A: Yes, This unit can be retrofitted to Class A, B, B+, and C motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheels including Airsteam, Roadtrek, Pleasureway, Hymer, Leisure Travel, Winnebago, Prevost, and more.

Q: How Quiet is this motorhome air conditioner?

A: The AC unit is 9 dB quieter than the units we tested. Please see the video below for a demonstration of the noise level.

Q: Can I run the AC unit off of shore power?

A:  The AC will function off most shore power connections.

Q: Can I run the AC unit off of my Inverter or generator?

A:  If you plan on running off these, your inverter or generator must have at least 2800 watt capacity

Q: How do I find out what my Mercedes paint code is?

A: Look at the manufacturer's sticker on the driver's side seat pedestal. The code is a 4 digit number.

Q: How is the Air Conditioner controlled?

A: The Air conditioner is controlled with infrared remote control.

Q: Can ARV install the AC Unit?

A:  Yes, please fill out this form after paying the deposit. The total price for installation is $3,143 minus the deposit. Please note that the price is based on replacing an existing unit. 

Q: Can I install the AC unit myself?

A: If you'd like to install yourself, we recommend arranging an installation with a certified up fitter or motorhome dealer. ARV will not support external installations beyond our instruction document.

Q: How is the AC warrantied or supported?

A:  The Quiet Air Conditioner unit comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: Will it integrate with my ducted AC System?

A: This is a standalone unit. It will not integrate with a ducted AC system.

Q: How long will the AC unit run on my battery system?

A: All motorhomes are different and the AC unit will operate differently based on the environment.

Q: Does this AC unit have a heat pump?

A: No, there is no heat pump. The heat pump derates AC capacity.

Q: Can you ship the AC unit to me?

A: At this time, we're only selling AC units to be installed here.