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Wall and Ceiling Sound Dampening kit photo
Sound Dampening kit in cavities
Sound Dampening Kit (wall and ceiling)

Do-It-Yourself Sound Damping Kits for Mercedes Sprinter Vans

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Dampen sound in your Mercedes Sprinter van build with the same kits Advanced RV uses in our projects. These Do-it-Yourself kits come with pre-cut. 2.5mm thick butyl rubber pieces designed to reduce road noise and other vibrations.

The pieces are labeled and assigned to locations and cavities across the Sprinter van, documented on a visual instruction guide. The material adheres to any surface so the additional adhesive is not required.

The "Floor Kit" contains strips of aluminum-backed material for ridges in the Sprinter floor, as well as larger squares for the wheel wells. The "Walls and Ceiling Kit" contains sound damping material for cavities throughout the walls, ceilings, and doors.  

These kits apply to Mercedes Sprinter vans in the 144" and 170" wheelbase chassis and in both standard and extended lengths. Select your appropriate length and model year at checkout.

Ships via UPS and has a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

$100 Flat rate shipping for Walls & Ceiling Kits

$75 Flat rate shipping for Floor kits