Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhome
Roof  View of  Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhome
Motorhome Quiet Air Conditioner close-up
Inside bottom view of Quiet Air Conditioner for RVs
Inside RV view of Quiet AC Unit for motorhomes
Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhome Spec Sheet
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Quiet Air Conditioner for Motorhomes

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Thank you for your interest in our Quiet A/C! We are currently only selling these A/Cs to be installed at ARV. This is an informational hub for scheduling an appointment at ARV for an A/C installation. Listed above are deposit options.

Please note we are not shipping them out to DIY installers anymore due to not being able to ensure the quality and testing needed when installed elsewhere.

Before submitting a deposit to ARV for your installation, please share photos of your RV roof. We're looking for any obstructions that are too close to the A/C such as skylights, solar panels, etc. You can email your photos to info@advanced-rv.com along with the following information:

  • Paint code (if interested in color-matching)
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Type of AC unit currently installed

Once you receive a response that your photos qualify for an installation, we will initiate the deposit process followed by a scheduling process for you to come to our facility for an installation. The balance of $3,458 ($3,858 if color-matching) minus the corresponding deposit is due after the installation is complete.

Please refer to the photo below for the clearance needed for installation. There needs to be ~7" of clearance in front of the square hole and ~24" clearance from the back of the square hole. There needs to be ~20" on each side of the square hole.


Our Quiet Motorhome 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner has excellent cooling and dehumidifying capability, even in demanding conditions like high outside temperatures and radiated sun. This unit is 20% more efficient and many times quieter than any other we have tested. It is even quieter than our ceiling ducted design.

The Quiet RV Air Conditioner is also better constructed with more compressor mount isolation; all metal, balanced fans; and an excellent design balance between compressor, evaporator, and condenser components. It is easy to operate, with AC, Dehumidify and Fan modes that match widely varying comfort needs. This unit can be retrofitted to Class A, B, B+, and C motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheels including Airsteam, Roadtrek, Pleasureway, Hymer, Leisure Travel, Winnebago, Prevost, and more.

Match your van's exterior color with an optional, custom color match for your Quiet Air Conditioner cover. Please ARV provide your 4-digit custom color code when booking your appointment. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to replace an AC with a wall-mounted thermostat (Dometic Penguin, etc.), please know that the heat function of your wired thermostat may be rendered inoperative if you arrange for the installation yourself. If Advanced RV performs the installation we can often, but not always maintain the wall-mounted thermostat. Our Quiet AC is controlled by a lit touchpad on the plenum and/or remote control.


  • 13.5k BTU (cooling output equivalent to tested 15k BTU units)
  • Installed Weight: 106 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 115V/60Hz
  • Input Power for Cooling: 1550 W
  • Rated Current for Cooling: 14 A
  • Dimensions: 44 3/16" L x 33 1/2" W x 8 13/16" H


  • Type: Installation
  • Length: 1 year




Q: Can this fit on my (Class A, B, B+, C, Trailer, 5th wheel)?

A: Yes, This unit can be retrofitted to Class A, B, B+, and C motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheels including Airsteam, Roadtrek, Pleasureway, Hymer, Leisure Travel, Winnebago, Prevost, and more.

Q: How Quiet is this motorhome air conditioner?

A: The AC unit is 9 dB quieter than the units we tested. Please see the video below for a demonstration of the noise level.

Q: Can I run the AC unit off of shore power?

A:  The AC will function off most shore power connections with 20A or more capacity.

Q: Can I run the AC unit off of my Inverter or generator?

A:  If you plan on running off these, your inverter or generator must have at least 2800 watt capacity to handle the inrush current. A soft start will be needed if below 2800 watts. Please note ARV does not install soft starts.

Q: How do I find out what my Mercedes paint code is?

A: Look at the manufacturer's sticker on the driver's side seat pedestal. The code is a 4 digit number.

Q: How is the Air Conditioner controlled?

A: The Air conditioner is controlled with infrared remote control and/or the touchpad on the plenum.

Q: Can ARV install the AC Unit?

A: Yes, The total price for installation is $3,143 minus your deposit. Please note that the price is based on replacing an existing unit. 

Q: Can I install the AC unit myself?

A: At this time, we're only selling AC units to be installed here.

Q: How is the AC warrantied or supported?

A:  The Quiet Air Conditioner unit comes with a 1-year warranty when installed by ARV.

Q: Will it integrate with my ducted AC System?

A: No, this is a standalone unit.

Q: How long will the AC unit run on my battery system?

A: The motorhome's battery capacity varies. The AC unit will operate differently based on the ambient conditions.

Q: Does this AC unit have a heat pump?

A: No, there is no heat pump. 

Q: Can you ship the AC unit to me?

A: At this time, we're only selling AC units to be installed here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Rademacher
Unable to review

Cannot give honest opinion at this time because RV is currently winterized and installation was for upcoming season. But the installation was awesome! Technician, facility, everyone involved were great. If my new air conditioner is anything like my experience at Advanced RV, I will be truly satisfied! I will definitely let everyone know!!

Diana Krause
So happy I made the decision to change the A/C unit

My other A/C unit was so loud that I had to turn the volume up on the TV to 80. now I just turn it up to 25 on the volume setting. Before I couldnt sleep , so I would turn the AC off and just sweat it out. I couldnt talk on the phone. The new A/C unit is WONDERFUL!!! I can sleep and talk on the phone. Love the remote , so I no longer have to get up to change the settings. Advance RV was wonderful to work with. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I had it installed 3 months ago and still love it.

dream come true, cool as you could need, quieter than I thought possible

We were struggling with our stock Winnebago A/C. It worked, but it was so loud. One of us is on the autism spectrum and the other has a serious ear injury, so it was really affecting our quality of life. And if that wasn't enough, I'm also going through a neurological problem that makes everything difficult. It was difficult to focus or enjoy our time in the van with the blasting fan noise, and we could not possibly sleep with it on, so often we were ridiculously hot. Then we get this beauty, and we (like others) only ever have the problem of forgetting it is on. Quiet, cold, easy to control. We got it installed at advanced RV based on others telling us they are the best, and even with that sort of expectation we were surprised just how friendly and accommodating they were. The experience has convinced us to never use a cut-rate place again, and only save for the best.

Hazel Beagle
Simply No Words

I’m in Michigan, where it goes from 20 to 88 faster than a Mustang on steroids. I saved up for the Houghton since the day I got my rig in 2019. And. It is undoubtedly THE BEST upgrade you can do. While ARV couldn’t do the actual install (I was so bummed) Chris and the ARV crew went above & beyond helping me get it done at Holland Motorcoach in MI. Photos were exchanged, phone called were made, and they shipped the unit out complete and crated so well that it arrived in pristine condition. Install was smooth due to the diligence of both companies working together. Having older dogs combined with a personal heat intolerance, this has improved the quality of my travels. At one point I thought I blew a fuse because I could not hear the unit running while standing next to the van. Inside, compared to my old jet engine AC, this one is barely noticeable, and I can actually watch a movie or read without feeling like I’m in a cargo plane. People have mentioned decibels - trust me, this is quieter than any AC out there. If you’re on the fence about this upgrade, it is worth every penny. It is truly THAT GOOD. 2019KL

Cool Decision

From the first conversation with Chris to Tricia the front desk host to meeting Patrick our installer(who managed to keep all three solar panels on the roof) to Mitchell who gave a quick operations tutorial -this is a class act group of experts. My iphone app showed about an 18 decibel decrease in sound( and that’s with 20% more btu’s). Advanced RV lived up to its name and the experience exceeded expectations- and all before we take a trip that includes MS, Al, LA and Texas.